Rebonded mattress bhopal

Our Profile

Since 2010 SARVA FOAM has been a pioneer in recycling and processing new flexible foams into the well-known REBONDED FOAM, also known as BOND. In recent times, SARVA FOAM has become one of the leading Indian companies in recycling polyurethane flexible foam. In an increasingly globalized market, SARVA FOAM has successfully built up a differentiated portfolio of its high quality PU and REBONDED foam products.

What makes us different?

One of the strengths of SARVA FOAM is its unattached position towards PU and other flexible foam manufacturers. This independence enables us to make a customized selection of the most suitable raw materials on the international market. This enables us time after time to develop new foam products with distinguishing, problem solving product advantages for brand new target markets worldwide.

Thanks to its market-oriented approach and its innovative recycling technology SARVA FOAM has become synonymous with high quality flexible foam. SARVA FOAM is a reference in the furniture, automotive, sports, packaging and construction industry. In all these sectors SARVA FOAM is a guarantee for comfort, dimensional stability, safety, shock absorption and insulation.

Rebonded mattress bhopal

How we work

SARVA FOAM has become synonymous with high quality flexible foam and is a reference in many industries.

Rebonded mattress bhopal

Meet our team

Our team of skilled workers and qualified professionals, with their zest for perfection roll out quality products of international standards.