Automotive Industry

For different reasons BOND has been a product of choice in the automotive industry. Due to its high density, high tensile strength and open cell structure it is the ideal sound absorbing material under the engine hood or other locations where anti-drumming is required.

The modern automobile manufacturers rightly appeal to SARVA FOAM requesting us an environmentally friendly and durable REBONDED foam product with superior rigidity, elasticity, flame retardance and durability. Also building up a partnership with SARVA FOAM is synonymous with optimal reliability and service!

Rebonded mattress bhopal
Rebonded mattress bhopal

Furniture Industry

For furniture makers and upholsterers BOND has been manufactured in special qualities to comply with specific requirements in these industries. The permanent quality in terms of comfort and elasticity has resulted in successful partnerships and satisfied customers over the years.

We can provide you BOND in different shapes, density and dimensions: blocks, sheets, strips or profiles.

Also in the furniture and upholstery industry, BOND has proven its values as filling material thanks to its following properties:

  • durable elasticity & easy to process
  • solid feeling
  • available in different hardnesses (increasing firmness)
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • convenient for intensive use
  • well-considered choice for the environment

Ecological & Sustainable Building

At SARVA FOAM, we consider durability as an important conception. Contrary to certain other insulation products, our REBONDED FOAM is a recycling product. In this way we avoid that certain residual products, which we process as raw material, are tipped in nature. Moreover used REBONDED products can be taken back, provided that they are completely clean, and reused as raw material.

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Our social commitment is also apparent from BOND’s excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation, ensuring:
  • significantly lower gas consumption and therefore less CO2 emissions
  • lower housing costs
  • less air pollution
  • higher living comfort
  • less waste of energy
  • less imports of expensive foreign energy resources
  • slowing down the pace of climate change

Bond Wall

BOND WALL panels provide a perfect solution for the acoustic insulation of houses, apartments, schools, offices, clubs, concert halls ... a direct contribution to increased comfort and privacy for residents and neighbors.


When and where to apply BOND WALL

  • To reduce noise transmission to an adjacent room/house
  • To reduce noise nuisance from an adjacent room/house

Applicable on its own or in combination

  • as airborne or impact insulation in stud walls or as thermal insulation
  • ideal insulator as part of dry construction systems
  • optimal cavity filling of lightweight frame constructions
  • easy installation between two rows of gypsum blocks
  • easy to attach to gypsum, OSB or dry screed boards

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Installation advice

  • BOND WALL panels can be placed loosely, closely fitted between the walls, so as the entire cavity is taken up by the panels.
  • In other constructions attach the panels with stripes or dots of silicone or glue to the surface. The material is compatible with most types of glue. Yet a pre-adhesive test is recommended.
  • Avoid mechanical fasteners and connections drilling holes through the acoustic panels.
  • BOND WALL is processed in dry condition: protect the material from moisture during transport and at the construction yard.


A solid packaging tells your customer a lot about the carefulness used during the production, storage or delivery of your goods. Good packaging gives your (potential) customer a first and inerasable impression. Too light or bad adapted packaging can involve undesirable damage, resentment or costs.

BOND is the ideal stuffing material to avoid shifting of the cargo during transportation and damaging of the goods by shocks or impacts.

Thanks to its shock-resistant property BOND is the ideal stuffing for an optimal inner packaging and offers in this way total protection for valuable goods, during both transportation and storage. BOND is also suitable for heavy or fragile products in different sizes or shapes, and furthermore ecologically sound and recyclable.

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Transportation Pipelines

BOND EXPANSION pads are eminent and flexible cushions that can be applied in different types of transport pipelines. These cushions are extremely suitable for both underground and above ground pipelines to protect as well pipes as elbows.

Our pads can easily be installed in different ways:
  • as an optimal protection layer around the tubes
  • as an insulating coating in complex tubing constructions
  • as stuffing in underground holes

BOND EXPANSION is the perfect solution to neutralize vibrations, shock exposure and expansion of different types of tubing. Numerous projects in transport pipelines for gas, oil, (waste) water and heat have been installed with BOND EXPANSION. This means in new projects, replacements or relocation of pipelines.

BOND EXPANSION can be installed as an ideal thermic insulation for tubing constructions or pipelines. Throughout the world, energy has become a strategic good and saving energy a very important challenge. It is undisputed that badly insulated tubes whether for home appliance or civil projects cost a tremendous amount of money.

Our insulation pads contribute directly to significant energy savings due to the relatively low thermal conductivity (λ) and relatively high heat transfer resistance (R).

Product features of BOND EXPANSION in a nutshell

  • permanent flexibility and elasticity thanks to its open cell structure
  • excellent shock absorption
  • superior thermal and acoustic insulator
  • hydrolysis resistant
  • extensively tested and approved to use in different types of soils
  • rodent proof and can practically not rot
  • durable and slow aging
  • environmental friendly: no CFC’s, non-toxic and skin friendly
  • can absorb water without losing its mechanical values
  • available in virtually any size
  • lightweight and easy to install
  • favorable in price
Rebonded mattress bhopal
Rebonded mattress bhopal

Sports Flooring

The light and elastic BOND SPORTS is successfully used as a sub-layer in different sports flooring systems, like judo mats, gym mats etc. In many indoor floors BOND SPORTS has been installed matching the requirements of optimal shock absorption, ball rebound and force reduction when practicing different indoor sports like basketball, wrestling etc.

Its compressing ability contributes to a resilient and reliable sports floor with a durable characteristic. A sports floor with a BOND SPORTS layer is a guarantee for many years of safe and comfortable sports fun without injuries!